We believe in continuous improvement in our product & service as per our customer’s requirement.
We have an in-house foundry for non-ferrous castings.
Pre-production: High-graded raw material.
Production: Stringent in-process inspection at every stage.
Post-production: Finished product testing.
All major components like Impeller, Casing, Shaft etc. are individually analyzed.
Physical Test – for tensile strength and elongation factor.
Chemical Test – done on component / test bar.
Hydraulic Pressure Test – two or more minutes of 1.5 times shut-off pressure, or 2 times working pressure (whichever is greater).
Component dimension inspection by means of calibrated Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Plug Gauge, Bore Gauge, Thread-Ring Gauge, Height Gauge and Dial Indicator.
Impeller Balancing – both static and dynamic.
Rejected material is scrapped immediately.
Accepted components checked for fitness at Stores or Assembly Shop.
Final Testing of submersible pump set as per customer requirement or relevant standard.
Testing of pump set at different frequency (with VFD) upto 500 HP and above capacity.
Flow measuring capacity of upto 70,000 litres / minute by means of Square Notch.
Post-test dismantling to check for wear-and-tear / damage, after final testing of pump set.
Pump painting as per customer’s requirement.
Compact and careful packing, to ensure safety during transit.