What's Pullen?
A small but stout outfit born in the mid-sixties, involved in manufacturing welded steel pipes.
Switched over to manufacturing submersible pumps in the early seventies.
An ISO 9001 Company.
Why Pullen?
A successful track record of long standing.
Wide range of submersible pumps to cater to your precise requirement.
Pumps ranging from 0.5 HP to 500 HP and above.
Can withstand wide voltage fluctuations.
Pioneered the designing and manufacture of 150 HP pumpsets for 10 in. bores in India, in 1984.
Designed and manufactured special pumps for round-the-clock mine dewatering.
Pumps ideal for situations where the water may be acidic, or may contain grit, sand, coal-dust, ochre or reactive salts.
Adapted sophisticated international technology for specialized Volute Casing Submersible pumpset.
Developed specialized pumps for French-well (Radial well) applications.
Designed submersible pumps for Jack-wells to pump water at river-banks .
Introduced horizontal monoblock submersible pumps to deal with fluctuating water levels in open wells, sump canals and rivers .
Our job doesn’t end with supplying the product. We go the extra mile by:
Training your personnel .
Supplying any spare part as and when required .
Installing and commencing operation of specialized equipment .
Maintaining our products to ensure that they perform at peak efficiency .
Tending to repairs & replacements .
Imparting technical / technological knowledge updates .